Descote®: Microencapsulated Ingredients for Consumer Health and Nutraceutical Products

As a global leader in the field of microencapsulation technology and products for decades, Particle Dynamics pioneered the Descote® family of products to provide the highest value microencapsulated ingredients for the consumer health and nutraceutical markets.

Descote is our proprietary microencapsulation process of sealing actives in a customized coating matrix for use in consumer health, nutraceutical, food, and animal products. This Descote barrier is strong enough to permit processing without rupturing. The barrier remains inert and will not react with the particle’s core. The matrix will deform on compression rather than break.

We offer the highest quality standards in the industry, producing all of our Descote products to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient standards in US FDA inspected facilities. Our process uses no solvents or plastics, therefore purity of actives is assured, and Descote can solve many potency and/or stability problems normally experienced in traditional formulations.

The Descote Advantage:

  • Superior taste/odor masking and mouthfeel
  • Enhanced Stability – Barrier protection from heat, water, and other chemicals
  • “Tunable Release” – Delayed or Controlled release profile
  • Superior particle formation – granular, free-flowing, directly compressible
  • Flavors can be added to barrier coating

Descote Product Applications:

  • Chewable multivitamin and mineral tablets
  • Nutrient-fortified powdered beverage mixes
  • Weight management, energy, and nutrition products
  • Fortified pre-mix blends
  • Functional foods and snacks
  • Animal fortification and feed enhancement

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