MicroMask®: Microencapsulated API’s

MicroMask® coating technology can be applied to OTC and Rx drugs to yield products that exhibit superior taste, odor masking, and mouthfeel characteristics. MicroMask products are particularly noted for their ability to meet dissolution and bioavailability requirements, while maintaining their taste and odor masking characteristics. Additionally, our proprietary process operates at a moderate temperature, which reduces the potential of thermal degradation of the APIs.

MicroMask products exhibit excellent flow and compression characteristics. The pliable matrix of MicroMask particles affords excellent tableting characteristics and reduces the compression force required to produce an acceptable tablet, which allows for exceptional results in Chewable or Oral Dissolving Tablets (ODTs). A MicroMask free-flowing powder can be customized with flavoring to offer a unique and highly effective solution to an oral dissolving API powder product.

We offer the highest quality standards in the industry, producing all of our MicroMask products to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient standards in US FDA inspected facilities. Our process uses no solvents or plastics, therefore purity of actives is assured, and MicroMask can solve many potency and/or stability problems normally experienced in traditional formulations.

Explore our standard MicroMask products, or challenge us with a custom application for our Micromask microencapsulation technology applied to your OTC or Rx product.

The MicroMask Advantage:
  • Enhanced Stability – barrier protection from heat, water, and other chemicals
  • “Tunable Release” – delayed or Controlled release profile
  • Superior particle formation – granular, free-flowing, directly compressible
  • Flavors can be added to barrier coating
MicroMask Applications:
  • Pediatric and Adult chewable tablets
  • Pediatric and Adult oral dissolving tablets (ODTs)
  • Pediatric and Adult flavored oral dissolving powders (ODPs)

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