Operational Excellence


Operational Excellence


Operational Excellence Across Every Aspect of our Business

All members of our organization are dedicated to delivering value to our customers, regardless of the task at hand. We strive to execute our business strategy more consistently and reliably than any of our competitors. The key components of our operational excellence platform include:

In our operations, we apply the principles of kaizen, the Japanese term for continuous improvement. The concept of kaizen suggests that through small changes to our processes, big results can be achieved. These changes can be identified by any individual at any time; often, it is the person “in the trenches” who identifies a significant opportunity for improvement.

Lean Thinking
Improvement in product quality requires elimination of anything that does not add value. Lean thinking processes are designed to identify and address any bottlenecks in operations and fix whatever is causing the bottleneck. For example, in manufacturing, bottlenecking can be caused by mechanical, logistical or process design issues that cause down time. The application of lean manufacturing techniques can address these issues, reducing cost and improving efficiency.

At Particle Dynamics, quality is not an option. It is a foundational value of our company. We are a GMP organization that applies the Quality by Design (QbD) approach to new drug product development based on ICH Q8R standards.

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