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Functionally Superior Products

Our Direct Compression and Microencapsulation technologies truly enable functionally superior products. Particle Dynamics holds leading global positions in nearly all of our product lines. For most of our standard products, we hold significant stock positions so that our customers can enjoy rapid supply of key materials.

Our standard products fall into the following categories:

Destab – Direct Compression Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate

Descote® – Microencapsulated Vitamins and Minerals

MicroMask® – Microencapsulated Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Other Products – Varierty of other stock products derived from our Enabling Technologies

All Destab and Descote materials are Certified Kosher.

In any Destab products where a component of the product blend is of vegetable origin, Particle Dynamics has confirmed that the material is Non-GMO.

All products can be made available in 500 lb totes based on minimum purchase orders and appropriate lead times.

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