Finished Dosage Forms


Finished Dosage Forms


A Wide Range of Solid Oral Dosage Forms

Our added value in dose form development lies in our deep expertise and decades of experience in particle processing and delivery technologies. Whether you are looking for a completely new application or to transfer in a developed process, you can be confident that our team of development experts will smoothly navigate from lab, to pilot, to full commercial manufacture.

Our capabilities are extensive:

Tablet Compression and Coating

  • High-volume tablet compression capabilities
  • Extensive experience with chewable tablet formulation
  • Excellent coating capabilities leveraging particle processing technologies

Two-Piece Encapsulation

  • High-volume, fully automated encapsulation capabilities
  • Experience with various capsule compositions including gelatin and HPMC


  • Various bottle configurations and size capabilities
  • Capsules, tablets and powders
  • Unit carton packaging and tamper evidence installation capabilities

Finished Dosage Forms – The Particle Dynamics Difference:

  • Leading global experts in direct compression products and technologies
  • Particle processing and delivery technology expertise means superior dosage form development
  • Dedicated R&D staff to support development and transfer to commercial scale
  • Strong culture of continuous improvement
  • US-based, FDA inspected facilities means security of supply
  • Wide range of oral dosage forms including: tablets (swallowable, chewable, orally dissolving), coated tablets, capsules, orally dissolving powders and custom oral solids

Finished Dosage Forms – Key Facts:

  • Location: Seymour, Indiana, USA
  • Compliance: Complies with US FDA 21 CFR Part 210/211, 110/111, 117 and EU drug certification standards
  • Typical products: nutraceuticals, vitamins, OTC and consumer health products

Tel: 1.800.452.4682
Email: info@particledynamics.com